Kids Cottage

Kids Cottage
Adress: 35448 Wolfeneck Road Rehoboth, DE 19971
Toll Free:1-888-556-KIDS
Office: 302-644-7690 Profile

Kids Cottage is a drop-in childcare center, where parents can drop their children off so that they can have some time to themselves. We developed Kids Cottage because our area was lacking a multipurpose environment that meets the needs for all children and their families. Our ultimate goal at Kids Cottage is to provide a social and activity hub for families in the area. And remember, while Kids Cottage is a great and safe environment to drop off the kids so you can enjoy some shopping, some beach time or maybe even for a little ‘getaway’ time from the family vacation, we also offer exceptional learning environments, including an innovative pre-school, engaging enrichment programs, monthly classes, and lots of memorable experiences for children.

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