Beach Towns

What kind of place would be if we didn't talk first about the area's beautiful beaches and the interesting towns that surround them? Whether you like quaint and cozy, interesting and exciting or a little bit of both, the Delaware and Maryland beaches truly are a paradise that offers something for everyone from area locals to out of town guests For beach goers and sun worshiper's, miles of clean, sandy and award winning beaches welcome you. For naturalists, scenic bays and pristine shoals invite you to get an up close and personal look at some of nature's most amazing wonders. For sportsman, nothing compares with the challenges and rewards that come from fishing the coastal shallows or trolling the great depths of the ocean. Of course for everyone out there that loves to eat, shop and be pampered, this is also the place because behind every wonderful beach is an equally fantastic beach-town waiting for you to discover its unique style. For food lovers, there is perhaps no greater collection of gourmet restaurants, eclectic eateries, bistros and beach bars than is located right here. For shoppers, from bargain hunters to antique aficionados, you'll find an array of specialty shops, outlets stores and almost anything else in between that feature everything from the latest and greatest gadgets and goods to treasures that until now, were lost to time. And, for everyone out there who likes to be taken care of, you'll find and abundance of salons and stylists ready to treat you like the royalty you are. With all the Delaware and Maryland Beaches have to offer it's no wonder so many visitors decide to become locals and why locals are some of the luckiest people in the world. Of course, there's a lot more to our beaches than could ever be written in a few paragraphs which is why we invite you to refer back to this page and to each beach town profile often to check in on its History/Trivia Link. Here, you'll find all sorts of updates and information about all these great places submitted by the people that know them best- long time locals and avid beach lovers. If you happen to be one of them, sign-up or log in as a member and feel free to share your beach life knowledge and experiences with everyone.


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