Bethany Beach

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More than 10 decades have passed since Bethany Beach was founded and although it has grown considerably its character hasn't changed. Sure, Bethany Beach has a lot of what you'll find in other beach resort towns: boardwalks, beaches and boating as well as an interesting array of retail shops and some surprisingly good restaurants. But it's what Bethany doesn't have that sets it apart; for over a century Bethany Beach has built its reputation not on games and rides or bars and bands but instead on solitude and quiet and the people that call Bethany home wouldn't have it any other way. Known as one of "The Quiet Resorts", Bethany Beach is rightly proud of its quaint boardwalk, hushed neighborhood streets of beach houses and Small Town America charm. And it should be because these are some of the things that have made Bethany a safe shore side haven and popular vacation retreat since 1901. Another key element that gives Bethany its character is its relative isolation from its neighboring and faster paced beach towns of Dewey and Rehoboth. Although only about six miles away they might just as well be worlds apart thanks to a stretch of Barrier Island that separates Bethany from its northern cousins. This island, part of Delaware's naturally beautiful and protected state parks system, also gives Bethany Beach residents and guests excellent ocean front access to some of the most pristine beaches around and while they're fantastic for fishing, skim boarding and even a little surfing, they're best for just laying back, relaxing and letting the rest of the world go by.


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