Fishing is both a relaxing pass time and a relentless pursuit that can be enjoyed immediately by a novice yet never completely mastered even by the most experienced angler. You can fish from a boat (personal or charter), the surf, by a pond or lakeside, at a super secret fishing hole or in a publicly held tournament. You can fish in saltwater, fresh water, inshore and offshore; no matter where you fish or what you fish for though, the opportunities, challenges and rewards it brings are almost limitless, especially here at the Delaware and Maryland Beaches which offer some of the best sport and game fishing on the Eastern Seaboard. With this in mind, we offer you the YBL Fishing Guide, an insider look at what is biting where, when and on what. We will also give you some tips and tricks and talk about some tools of the trade with a lot of info coming straight from the best sources- local anglers, bait & tackle shop owners and charter captains.

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Bait and Tackle



A&R Bait & Tackle Inc. 302-645-6111

Anglers Fishing Center  302-644-4533

Bills Sport Shop  302-645-7654

Boat Hole Bait & Tackle  302-947-9330

Bob's Bait & Tackle  302-856-4555

Henlopen Bait & Tackle  302-645-8106

Lewes Harbor Marina  302-645-6227


Hook'em & Cook'em 302-226-8220

Old Inlet Bait & Tackle  302-227-7974

Bethany Beach & Fenwick Island

B&R Tackle Bethany Beach 302-539-6243

Captain Mac's Bait & Tackle Fenwick Island 302-436-2445

Fenwick Tackle Fenwick Island 302-539-7766



Ocean City

Ake Marine Inc.  410-213-0421

Bahia Marina  410-289-7438

Bluewater Bait & Tackle  410-641-0858

Delmarva Sports Center, Inc. 410-213-2840

Harbor Tackle  410-213-9365

Horn Island Bait Distributors  410-213-0937

Oyster Bay Tackle  410-213-0937

Sunset Provisions, LLC  410-213-0081

Charter Boats



Anglers Fishing Center  302-644-4533

Charter Boat Indian  302-644-0104

Fisherman's Wharf  302-645-8862

Grizzly Sportfishing  302-947-9271

Hawkeye Charters  302-644-9262

Jam Man Sportfishing  302-233-2863

Jolly Dolly Ventures  484-437-9092

Lil' Angler  302-645-8688

Martha Marie Charters  302-222-5471

Skipjack  302-645-5297

Stephanie Ann  302-945-1586


#1 Hooker Sportfishing  302-732-1274

AJ Charters  302-684-3302

Amethyst  800-999-8119

Babs Charters  717-665-4713

Black Magic  302-559-7102

Blue Collar Man Charters  215-990-1938

Captain Ike II  302-539-2084

Contagious Charters  302-378-7902

Crikey Sportfishing  302-542-5119

Dana Lynn Charters  302-999-8111

Extreme Charters  302-293-9464

Fish On Charters  302-732-3886

Fishbusters Charters  302-354-3224

Gale Force Charters  302-462-5601

Hooked Up  302-436-8822

Hooker  302-750-1604

Jade II  610-274-8408

Judy V  302-226-2214

Karen Sue  302-539-1359

Keely Ann Charters  302-856-7401

Mega-Bite  410-207-7130

Michael 'D' Sportfishing  302-644-2050

Miss Donna  302-738-9897

Miss Ene III  302-645-8760

On Delivery  443-463-7849

Pandemonium Charters  302-684-1361

Pole Position  302-945-5196

Razorback Charters  302-539-8469

Reel Escape  610-585-0392

Reel-Istic I 302-598-08

Bowers Beach

Reliable II 302-335-3500

Russell's Charter 302-363-0356


Ocean City

Bahia Marina 

Captain Jack Bunting  410-289-8234

Crystal's Caper  302-228-2784

Judith M 410-289-7438

Memory Maker  800-932-2824

Miss Ocean City  410-213-0489

Natural Charters  301-704-7231

OC Princess  410-213-1121

Ocean City Bait & Tackle  410-289-9332

Ocean City Fishing Center  410-213-0693

Over Under Charters  866-682-8862

Raven Lady Ocean  410-213-1121

Stewarts Fishing Center  866-698-0093

Sunset Marina  410-213-9600

Talbot Street Pier  410-2899-9125


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