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If you love life by the sea, wonderful beaches, fishing, boating and eating well, you'll love the town of Lewes because there is perhaps no other place featured on yourbeachlife.com with as rich a history and storied past as that of this alluring seaside haven if for no other reason, than it is the area's oldest beach town, settled over 375 years ago. Throughout time, the prosperity of Lewes has ebbed and flowed with the bay and ocean it calls home, its fortunes it seems, are tied directly to the ways of the water but, just like them, Lewes has always been full of life, resiliency and a lot of surprises. From its earliest days as a Dutch Colony settled in 1631, Lewes has been a dynamic hub of social, cultural and economic influences and the effects of them all can be seen today as past and present mix it up in every place you look and with everything you do; architecture, art, tourism and trade, whether fishing for gold or hunting for treasure, when you're in Lewes you'll always feel its unbreakable bond with the sea. Want some examples? Well, for one Lewes is a regional fishing attraction offering up both public and private charter fishing expeditions with some of the best fishing action anywhere. If sand between your toes is more to your liking than you'll appreciate all of Lewes' beaches; ranging from quiet bayside retreats perfect for families with children to the wide open spaces of the ocean side dunes which are perfect for surfing, sport fishing or just soaking up the sun while listening to the roaring surf . Lewes is also home to a very unique downtown district that features an eclectic mix of retail shopping and a great variety of fantastic restaurants. Of course, we can't forget that Lewes also serves as the port of call for the Cape May/Lewes Ferry when it docks in Delaware waters. Best of all just might be that everything is located within approximately a 1.5 mile radius of each other so getting around is always quick, easy and economical.


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