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An escape within an escape, Milton is located just about 10 minutes north of Lewes and about 15 north of Rehoboth and is a hidden jewel in Coastal Sussex. It's proximity to popular area beaches and attractions makes it the perfect place to stay; close enough to enjoy some of summer's best loved activities, far enough away so you don't have to constant the crowd that usually comes with them. But on its own merits too, Milton is a ?paradise within itself? and a place worth a closer look.

Built on a proud heritage more than 200 years old, Milton was once called the Head of the Broadkill River and home to a thriving shipbuilding community. In its day, it wasn't uncommon to see four or more ships being built at once, each over 100 feet long and crowding Milton's Port, an area equally busy with shipping and receiving maritime cargos of grain, lumber and produce. As the town's shipbuilding fortunes disappeared Milton industrialized developing granaries, crop processing facilities and a thriving down town district full of shops, taverns, restaurants and a prestigious theater.

Today Milton is a town of pride and progress and is fueled by careful development, tourism and a strong business community. As in its past, its location on the Broadkill River makes the water an important part of Milton's personality and a great place to begin any day out on the water whether charting a course for the nearby Delaware Bay or setting off on a kayaking expedition; places like Wagamon's Pond are great ways to get in some relaxing fishing time without ever having to leave town limits. Beach and nature lovers can enjoy spending time at the sleepy but scenic Broadkill Beach and Prime Hook Beach and Wildlife Preserve. For fans of architecture, Milton still has many of its original Victorian homes still intact with about 198 of them listed on the Historic Registry and revitalized town center once again has an important role to life, leisure and business in Milton and features many unique shops, restaurants, bars and the recently renovated (and still prestigious) Milton Theater.


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