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Welcome to the East Coast Beachopolis

So, Ocean City is the beachopolis of the East Coast but what, exactly, is a beachopolis? Well, to actually define it, let's first look at the word it's derived from, metropolis. Technically speaking a metropolis is an area regarded as the center of a specific activity. So basically, a beachopolis is the same thing except its specific area of activity is the beach. Since Ocean City quite literally, is an ocean side city that was built to be a center specifically for beach activity it's pretty easy to see how O.C. qualifies as a beachopolis.

The types of activities there are to do in OC that have made it a beachopolis makes up an extensive list that includes swimming, surfing, boating, fishing, sports recreation, sightseeing, a gigantic boardwalk full of classic and neo-classic games and rides, luxury hotels and condos, an incredible variety of restaurants and a whole lot more. We'll look now at a few of these things, three to be exact and leave you to explore all the other stuff, throughout the rest of this site and in person.

Fishing: Ocean City bills itself as the White Marlin Capital of the World because it's become famous for its annual White Marlin Open. One of the largest fishing events in the world, the White Marlin Open pits anglers as well as Charter Captains and Crew against each other in search of the biggest White Marlin. The event also hosts other sub categories for Blue Marlin and Tuna and prize money is in the millions of dollars. In addition to this, Ocean City has a robust, year round fishing community- private and commercial- that sets out for just about any and all type of game fish.

Boardwalk: This is one of OC's main claims to fame and the beachopolis moniker. Unmatched in size, the Ocean City Boardwalk is more like a pilgrimage than a vacation for many people rating a ?must do' on their list of activities. One reason for its popularity is its accessibility; to one side, wide sandy beach, cool ocean breezes and miles of coastline. To the other, arcades, tons of specialty and novelty stores, restaurants and bars and plenty of beach side hotels. For a long time, this was Ocean City 's central shopping district although now, as the town has continued to grow, great shopping, hotels and just about everything else can be found throughout all of OC - all 9+ miles of it.

Food: Eating well is a top priority in Ocean City whether you're on vacation or one among OC's more than 8000 year round residents. Fortunately, the towns many restaurateurs have seen to it that good eats is right around every corner. From quick bites to all you can eat buffets, from the famous Maryland Blue Crab to fantastic steak and rib houses and from one end of town to the other, you'll never go hungry- in fact, you'll probably never stop eating.

Okay, that's three but there so much more: go karts and waterslides, concerts in the park and at the Convention Center, theme parks and car shows, really cool bars and even cooler people; all of this and then some, is waiting for you in Ocean City , the East Coast Beachopolis.

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