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Literally translated, the word Rehoboth means a place for all and true to its name, Rehoboth Beach , Delaware really is a place for all people because it offers something for everyone. Kids, teenagers, their parents, couples out on a date, there's always something to do in Rehoboth. Part of Rehoboth's allure of course is its location and its legendary, almost magical boardwalk; both hug the Atlantic Ocean and are filled with the kinds of things that spark just about every child's imagination when they dream of going to the beach: arcades full of games and rides, beach fries and hot dogs, soft serve ice cream and miles of sand for building sandcastles and dreams and an ocean with waves to jump and ride. All of this, plus its proximity to Washington D.C and its suburbs have earned Rehoboth the title of America 's Summer Capital and fortunately, for the kid in all of us, that's all still alive and well.

There's another reason though, that Rehoboth is the place with a space for everyone and that's its diversity, a diversity that gives it an almost cosmopolitan flair amid the sand and salty air. You'd be hard pressed to find another town anywhere that packs so much to do in so many ways in such a compact and comfy area: restaurants of all styles, sizes and variety are there to cater to just about any taste you have, from the simple to the sublime, Rehoboth definitely has the food lovers covered. Its shopping scene is equally varied and impressive complete with stores filled with trinkets and treasures to specialty clothing boutiques full of the latest fashions and art galleries featuring original works that you might not find anywhere else; for marathon shoppers, don't forget Rehoboth's Tanger Outlets located just off Route 1. You'll find plenty of entertainment too in Rehoboth, from live music at any number of its local bars and pubs, to craft fairs, concerts on the Bandstand and festivals that celebrate chocolate, independent film and the legendary Seawitch. It's all this that has landed Rehoboth another title, this one as one of America 's Best places to visit and live.


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