Wave Riders rejoice! Swell Seekers get ready! Surf Sultans, paradise calls! In other words, the Delaware and Maryland Beaches offer more than 30 miles of coastline that packs a ton of surprises for beginners and pros alike; it all adds up to some of the best East Coast surfing. What more could you ask for? How about some quality info and advice? You got it! Check out the links below and check back often so we can keep you up to date on your favorite surf spots.

Lewes Delaware has a little known surf spot that during strong south swells with SW to West winds can produce long rides somewhat like a small point break. If not too big it can be good to learn on. If you look you can find it but not on the bayside.

Rehoboth Delaware has several jetties that during south swells can produce fun waves. Dewey Beach can also get good surf, however, both of these areas tend to break close to the beach . Sometimes too please, don't wear speedos.

The Indian River Inlet north side is a popular spot for learning to surf since the waves there tend to be long and somewhat mushy if not flat. When the swells are big and out of the south it may even get good for experienced surfer. The south side is more fickle and is usually better for body boarders. It breaks very close to the beach. When conditions are right the south side can produce big, fast and extremely hollow tube rides that are not good for beginners.  Mark Foo, an east coast surfer who rose to one of the highest levels in surfing often commented that Indian River Inlet produced waves in the same caliber as some of the best surfing spots in Hawaii.

Bethany Beach Delaware like Rehoboth has several short jetties that can work well on north or south swells and also break close to the beach. This beach is a favorite spot for many local bodyboarders.

Fenwick Island Delaware, the home of Fenwick Island Surf Shop has seen many good days of surfing. It can work on any swell angle if the winds are good and the sandbars are right (not too close to the beach). It can vary between mushy and slow ( good for beginners ) to big, fast and hollow ( good for me ). The local crew of surfers have told me to tell you that Fenwick Island does not get good surf !

Ocean City, Md. with its 10 miles of beach can break very good. The farther south you go into Md. the farther out the waves break and in deeper water. These beaches can be crowded so watch your manners.

Assateague Island, Md. has over 20 miles of open beach with good sandbars that make this area an excellent choice for learning to surf. When the swells get really big and long ( as in Hurricane or Tropical Storm swells ) , Assateague becomes a hot spot for some serious surf sessions, complete with long paddles to get outside of the breaking waves.


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