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Delaware Fishing License Info

It's us again and while we think it's important you know where the Delaware Fishing Tournaments are this year, we also think it's just as important (although not as much fun), to know about the fishing license required in Delaware. Whether you fish, crab or clam, you are required to have a fishing license in all tidal & non-tidal waters in Delaware. Pretty simple, pretty straightforward. 

Want to know more? We thought so and you can find out all you need to know on line…


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Delaware Sport Fishing Tournament 2016

Welcome back to our Outdoor Fishing blog here on We're really excited about the partnership we're creating with this team and are looking forward to all the exciting events we have planned- from contests and prizes to new apparel, we plan on having lots of fun and hope you do too. And while you can be sure we'll tell you all about in in upcoming blogs, right now let's get back to what we started with our first blog post, giving you info you can use about fishing…


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Delaware Fishing Tournaments 2016

Hey everybody, we're Outdoor Fishing and we love fishing just as much as you do which is why we're here to start off our blog posts with the info you want most- where to go fishing locally, right here in Delaware! Let's get going with the fishing tournaments and contest we know about happening this summer. Run down the list below to see what's going on. Click the links to find out more about each one and keep coming back to read or take and get more info as we get in on each one. Here we…


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Biggest Shark Caught in Delaware

Fishing is like weightlifting, someone always wants to know "how much you can lift". When it comes to pumping iron, most people want to know how much you can bench as it is somehow seen as the gold standard of strength training and the one that causes the most excitement and generates the most buzz. When it comes to fishing, well the options are a little more open and we mean a little because when it comes to causing excitement and generating a buzz, few fish if any cause more commotion than…


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Fun For All?!

Nab The Grabber is an idea concocted by us, brothers Joe & Anthony Baray, owners of We think it's an awesome idea and are looking forward to having some fun. The truck, aka "The Grabber" seems to think otherwise. Have a look and see what we mean @

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About Us

YBL is a local social network all about you...says so right in the name, Use it to share info about events, activities, your favorite places to eat, post pics, create your own summer music playlists...whatever. After all, it's not just life, it's yourbeachlife,com.

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LSC Events Calendar

January Special Activities

Tuesday 5th- Jackpot Bingo: Doors Open @ 4:30P

Wednesday 6th- Mystery Lunch

Monday 11th- Harrington Slots:

Tuesday 12th- Jackpot Bingo: Doors Open @ 4:30P

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Coffee & Beer...Not Just for Breakfast

Dogfish Head Chicory Stout-

Another annual project is nearly complete! I'm sitting - yes, actually sitting - writing this long awaited (that is according to my office manager, Robbin) newsletter. I'm roasting the last 260 pounds of Fair Trade, Organic, Smithsonian Certified bird friendly, dark Mexican coffee here at the coffee shop in Lewes. Sam Calgione and his team of Brew Masters use this coffee alone, roasted exclusively by me, for Dogfish Head Craft Brewery's Chicory Stout. I…


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Get Cookin' with Recipes from Lewes Fishhouse

What's better than having fresh seafood at the beach? Knowing ways to make it taste extra delicious and one of the ways to do that is by following some of the sensational recipes we have to share right here at Lewes Fishhouse. From glazed mahi mahi to fresh fried oysters to a seafood bake for two (and more), we're sure you'll find just the right recipe to help bring out the natural goodness of your favorite seafood. After you've found the perfect one, stop by and visit us to find your…


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Happy Birthday!

Okay, so we may not be able to wash away your crow's feet and wrinkles just yet but we can give you a a Free Car Wash on your birthday. Just bring in your ID, your car and watch your miles get washed away...the ones on your car we mean.

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Coffee Love

Never tried Notting Hill Coffee? See what some of our "regular" drinkers think. Already love us? Tell us why?


Thanks for all you do in getting my favorite tea to me! My mom and I both love it and have our own afternoon teas at home using Pai Mu Tan from your store.

Thank you,


Coffee is amazing! My family agrees. Thank you for offering the shipping service.…


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Lewes Happy Hour: Food For 5 Bucks

A Happy Hour in Lewes too good to miss- half price beer, wine and rail drinks and the Fabulous 5: 5 delicious Buttery Bites (menu changes daily) for just $5 each at 5p.

More info? 302.645.7755

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The Buttery Brunch in Lewes

Quite possibly the best brunch of its kind...

302.645.7755 for details or visit on line @


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Rehoboth Beach Termite Control

Keep your Rehoboth Beach, Delaware home safe from termites! We're Bennett Termite & Pest Control Solutions and, as you might guess from our name, we're termite specialists. Our knowledge and experience lets us handle any termite problem any homeowner in Rehoboth Beach might face. From swarmer termites to soldier termites- they're all bad for your home.

Termites can live in colonies and create their own habitat in moist areas. Both subterranean and aboveground termite nests also…


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Dogfish Head's Analog-A-Go-Go

Vinyl, live music, craft-cask beer and artisans of all kinds who are good with their hands, heads and who knows what else all converge at the Dogfish Head Beer Milton Brewery for Analog-A-Go-Go June 12-14th (some cool stuff is going on in Rehoboth too so check it all out).

So what makes Analog-A-Go-Go so great? Well, for starters, go back and read the first sentence again: vinyl, live music, cask beer and artisans; it's the sensory experience to end all sensory experiences.…


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We Clean Boats Too!

When we say that "An Angel's Touch" Cleaning Service is a full service cleaning company, we mean it. Sure we clean houses, offices, condos, construction and even industrial sites but we also clean boats too! We think this is an especially important service to offer since boating is such a popular thing to do all along Delaware and Maryland's coastline. From Lewes and Rehoboth Beach to Ocean City, Maryland, The Eastern Shore and even Annapolis, people love boats- but not necessarily cleaning…


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Ocean City Condo Cleaning

At "An Angel's Touch" Cleaning Services, we specialize in cleaning condos quickly and affordably throughout Ocean City because we know so many of our clients use them as summer rentals and need them ready to go for their guests. But just because we're quick doesn't mean we cut corners (in fact, we spend extra time in those!); just like all our home and office cleaning jobs, attention to detail is our calling card and part of our uncompromising approach to giving you the cleanest condo at the…


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Rehoboth Beach House Cleaning

People ask us questions all the time, like where we clean or what kind of cleaning  we do. The short answer to both is just about everywhere and just about everything. We also get questions about cleaning "secrets" that we have, and mostly, it's just lots of hard work; scrubbing - on our hands and knees if we have to- and paying attention to the details.

With this in mind, we invite you to ask us your own questions about us and our cleaning services if you have any. We'd be happy to…


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Commercial and Residential Cleaning

If you're looking for residential or commercial cleaning and  live in or around Rehoboth Beach, Lewes or just about anywhere else in coastal Delaware, give us a call here at "An Angel's Touch" Cleaning Services and we'll be happy to show you just how affordable and "Angel" can work for you. From homes, apartments and condos to rental units, offices and restaurants, if you can get it dirty, we can get it clean in a fast, friendly and efficient way.

Need more info about our home and…


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New Instruments!!

Last Saturday, I attended B&B Music in Camden, DE's 60th Anniversary celebration sale-day and acquired some new and exciting instruments for Henlopen Music Therapy.  Thanks to the generous staff at B&B Music, I was able to obtain brand new instruments including: a Doumbek drum, Maraca's, Castanets, egg shakers, 1 Cabasa, 1 Tambourine, and other accessories.  All of the purchases came as a direct result of funds from Music Therapy groups.  Henlopen Music Therapy is also in the process…


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