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Lewes Happy Hour: Food For 5 Bucks

A Happy Hour in Lewes too good to miss- half price beer, wine and rail drinks and the Fabulous 5: 5 delicious Buttery Bites (menu changes daily) for just $5 each at 5p.

More info? 302.645.7755

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Rehoboth Beach Termite Control

Keep your Rehoboth Beach, Delaware home safe from termites! We're Bennett Termite & Pest Control Solutions and, as you might guess from our name, we're termite specialists. Our knowledge and experience lets us handle any termite problem any homeowner in Rehoboth Beach might face. From swarmer termites to soldier termites- they're all bad for your home.

Termites can live in colonies and create their own habitat in moist areas. Both subterranean and aboveground termite nests also…


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Happy Birthday!

Okay, so we may not be able to wash away your crow's feet and wrinkles just yet but we can give you a a Free Car Wash on your birthday. Just bring in your ID, your car and watch your miles get washed away...the ones on your car we mean.

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Coffee Love

Never tried Notting Hill Coffee? See what some of our "regular" drinkers think. Already love us? Tell us why?


Thanks for all you do in getting my favorite tea to me! My mom and I both love it and have our own afternoon teas at home using Pai Mu Tan from your store.

Thank you,


Coffee is amazing! My family agrees. Thank you for offering the shipping service.…


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Get Cookin' with Recipes from Lewes Fishhouse

What's better than having fresh seafood at the beach? Knowing ways to make it taste extra delicious and one of the ways to do that is by following some of the sensational recipes we have to share right here at Lewes Fishhouse. From glazed mahi mahi to fresh fried oysters to a seafood bake for two (and more), we're sure you'll find just the right recipe to help bring out the natural goodness of your favorite seafood. After you've found the perfect one, stop by and visit us to find your…


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