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Polar Express @ Milton theatre

One of my favorite books turned movies, is playing this Saturday

12/5/2009 - 12/5/2009 when The Milton Theatre presents the 2004 film, The Polar Express, in both a Saturday matinee and Saturday evening showing to help get everyone into the holiday spirit.

The Polar Express is a 2004 Academy Award-nominated feature film based on the children's book of the same title by Chris Van Allsburg.

The film, written, produced, and directed by Robert Zemeckis, is entirely live… Continue

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Lower Sussex Indians Fundraiser



LSI will be guest bartending on Tuesday December 1st at the Cottage Café Restaurant from 5 pm to 8pm in the pub and south dining room. The Cottage Café has been generous enough to donate 15% of the sales to LSI. Be sure to tell the hostess you are there to support LSI. Shari Schultz, Donnie Schultz, Jay McGee and Joe Whaley will be the guest… Continue

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Artists Studio Tour

Welcome to the 2009 Preview of the Southeastern Delaware Artists Studio Tour!

For 15 years, an ever-evolving group of professional artists from the southeastern coastal area of Sussex County, Delaware, has been opening their working studios and galleries and sharing their creativity, skills and stories with the public each Thanksgiving weekend.

You are invited to see some of the special offerings for this year’s two-day event. You’ll find several new artists have joined… Continue

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Gigabeach Computers

I'm just about at the end of my computer crisis though not close enough to give you the full rundown on it right now. Suffice it to say it was an enormous PIA and would have turned into a disaster had it not been for Karen Harris at Gigabeach Computers in Rehoboth. Had it not been for her, we wouldn't be able to do our ybl emails, update or manage the site content (at least not from the comfort of our office) or do any number of… Continue

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Toy for Tots

Here is the beginning of a list for local Toys for Tots drop off locations. We'll be adding more as frequently as possible so stay tuned in for donation centers near you.

1) Community Bank Delaware, Lewes, De. 302.226.3333

2) Dos Locos, Rehoboth Beach 302.227.3553

3) Holiday Inn Express, Rehoboth 302.227.4030

4) The Auto Gallery, Lewes 302.645.5353

This is actually a Food Drive drop off… Continue

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Woodstock Returns

What's old is new again, or at least "in" again and what once took place in a little town called Bethel, NY 40 years ago is happening again tonight, in a little town called Milton, De...kind of, anyway. It's the second coming of Woodstock, in spirit and on the big screen, and for those of us who missed it the first time around and for those of us looking to recapture some our "glory days", Milton Theatre is giving us all a chance to do it this weekend with the screening of "Taking… Continue

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Burgers and Bikes

Simple. Sloppy. Delicious. I'm talkin' burgers here- big, fat, hangin' off the bun burgers and for me, the jucier, the messier, the better(er). How 'bout you? What's your style? I also consider burgers "Mood Food", in other words, the perfect food for the "perfect" siutation. Sure, I love'em just about anytime, but there are just some times and some places that just scream "BURGER!" more than others. Take Delmarva Bike Week for… Continue

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Delaware Humanities Forum: Sussex County Symposium

Capping off a year of Delaware-themed events (Picturing Delaware: Inside and Outside the Frame), DHF is offering a two-day symposium in Sussex County on September 18-19, 2009.

W. Barksdale Maynard is the keynote speaker for the opening night event, inspired by Delaware's "places." An author and art historian, Maynard is basing his presentation on his award winning book, Buildings of Delaware (a volume in the Buildings of the United States series of the Society of Architectural… Continue

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Nanticoke Indian Pow Wow

The noun powwow, from the Narragansett eastern Algonquian language, refers to any gathering of native people. Powwow can be used as a verb meaning "to confer in council." In Indian country, it means "a secular event featuring group singing and dancing by men, women, and children." The history of the powwow passes from generation to generation when people gather yearly for a celebration of culture. Skilled Native American artisans, who have created their wares all year long, travel to various… Continue

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The Zydeco Experience

For more than 2 decades Grammy award winning artist Terrence Simien, 8th generation Louisiana Creole has been shattering the myths about what his indigenous Creole Zydeco music is and is not. Leading his Zydeco Experience Band, Simien has become a highly respected, internationally recognized touring and recording artist and Cultural Ambassador for his state. He has shared both studio and stage with Robert Palmer, Stevie Wonder,… Continue

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Letters Home- Tonight in Bethany Beach

Author-journalist Nancy E. Lynch will discuss her award-winning book, "Vietnam Mailbag, Voices From the War: 1968-1972 tonight at 6:30 p.m. at the South coastal Library, 43 Kent Avenue, Bethany Beach. The 456-page book, an important social history, is based on 900 letters and hundreds of pictures Nancy received as a columnist during the war with the News Journal in Wilmington, Del.

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Labor Day Rocks!

Okay, technically, the music venues listed here aren't at the beach but since the line-up includes some of the beach's favorite bands, I figured it worthwhile to post. Besides, Dover and Milford aren't really that far away.

Saturday, Sept 5

Hogstock Live!


w/Nothin’ But Trouble (noon)

Lower Case Blues (2pm)

Glass Onion (4pm)

Blind… Continue

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Neel, Mack & Shockley @ Bethany Blues

Talk about a musical trifecta, this Saturday night Johnny Neel, Keith Mack and Ed Shockley will perform together @ Bethany Blues in Lewes; start time 9:30p.

Johnny Neel, the Wilmington, De, born and raised, Grammy Award Winning Artist is known for his singing, songwriting and moving keyboard and harp performances. Having performed with the Allman Brother's Band, his work has also been performed by Joe Louis Walker, the Oakridge Boys, Travis Tritt and others. This marks Neel's second… Continue

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Let's Go To Vegas, Baby!

Let's jump in the car and go! go! go! to one of the greatest places on earth. We're talkin' about a place with Vegas Style, Baby. With Vegas Smooth. Vegas Cool...And maybe even a little Vegas Cheeze. Yeah, we're talkin' about Vegas, Baby but we're not talkin' about a lot of coin for gas to get there 'cause we're talkin' 'bout Vegas by way of Rehoboth Beach and we're goin' this Saturday, 8/29 @ 10pm.

What's the dealio?… Continue

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OC Custom Car & Bike Show

For those of you out there who normally wouldn't even think of going to a car show yet alone actually go to one, reconsider-just this once- and give it a try. Why, because despite what you might think, car shows aren't really about cars at all, they are about dreams and inspiration, impassioned talent and determination and forging bonds of family and friendship stronger than any welds that hold the cars together. To put it another way, car shows are all about what the cars represent… Continue

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Fireworks Schedule

Bethany Beach and Fenwick Island

If you'd rather avoid some of the hustle and bustle of more the more popular and populated Ocean City, Bethany Beach won't disappoint. A short drive from North Ocean City, Bethany Beach will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of their 4th of July parade this year! The parade will take place on Friday, with a 5K run on the morning of the 4th. According to their website, the Bethany Beach 4th of July fireworks will take place at dusk from the… Continue

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4th of July Trivia

Did you know that 4th of July celebrations originally consisted of people gathering to consume double sized helpings of rum and to critisize the way the then current government was running the country? How about that the 4th wasn't a nationally recognized holiday until 1938? This means that until then, celebrating the day meant losing a day's wages. What about that the first 4th of July party was actually held on July 8th? See, you can use that as an excuse to have another party- as if you need… Continue

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The 2nd of July

With all the justly due attention the 4th of July gets, I thought I'd shift some attention to the day that made it all possible, literally and historically. Just as the number four follows the number 2, so too is the historical significance of the 4th of July dependent on the 2nd of July. To find out why, we just need to ask Ben Franklin, inventor, philosopher, architect for a nation, wisdom for the generations, patriot and one of the most quoted Americans in history:

“ The second… Continue

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Introducing yourbeachlifestyle

In case this title is hard to read, it's yourbeachlifestyle. While we think the tie in to the site name is kinda' clever, what's really important is that this is a new section/blog post being added to showcase, spotlight and just generally wax on about the interesting and unique lifestyle people enjoy at the De/Md beaches. Just so you know, almost any topic is fair game here from french fries and fireworks to sand castles and surfing to boardwalks, beaches, boats, bingo...you get… Continue

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Roadhouse Steakjoint Benefit for Cristina Almodovar

We just got some info from Karen Harris, a friend of ours who owns Gigagbeach Computers in Rehoboth about a very special benefit going on tomorrow, Wednesday June 10th. Rather than rewrite her words, here is exactly what she sent us~here's hoping we all can help.

Hi Folks,

Recently I lost a friend in a horrific car accident, her name was Cristina Almodovar. She left behind her adoring husband Jay, and three gorgeous children. I attached a photo. Friends of Jay’s have put… Continue

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