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Dogfish Head Chicory Stout-

Another annual project is nearly complete! I'm sitting - yes, actually sitting - writing this long awaited (that is according to my office manager, Robbin) newsletter. I'm roasting the last 260 pounds of Fair Trade, Organic, Smithsonian Certified bird friendly, dark Mexican coffee here at the coffee shop in Lewes. Sam Calgione and his team of Brew Masters use this coffee alone, roasted exclusively by me, for Dogfish Head Craft Brewery's Chicory Stout. I…


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Coffee Love

Never tried Notting Hill Coffee? See what some of our "regular" drinkers think. Already love us? Tell us why?


Thanks for all you do in getting my favorite tea to me! My mom and I both love it and have our own afternoon teas at home using Pai Mu Tan from your store.

Thank you,


Coffee is amazing! My family agrees. Thank you for offering the shipping service.…


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Fantastically Flavored Coffee

It's no secret that I take my coffee raosting seriously. I have a passion for it like nothing else and this is especially true when I'm roastin my custom blend, on of a kind flavors and rich bean coffee. Have a look at some of my latest creations and recommendations then come have a taste or order some up on line and we'll be glad to have it ready for pick up in the shop or delivered right to your door.

Our Irish Whiskey Crème has a warm vanilla tone and a hint of…


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Notting Hill Coffee Features Fair Trade

Coffe lovers know us. The little coffee house aka, The Lewes Bake Shoppe, on Second Stree in Historic, Downtown Lewes.Those of you who know me know I'm passionate about my coffee- the bean selection, the color, the flavor profile- all of these things are important for me to consider and to be picky about to make sure I can share with you the best cup of coffee you'll ever have. But there's something else, another key ingredient, that's just as important to me that helps me serve the best cup…


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Two Tons of Delicious

We've sold more than 2 tons of Vanilla Dream on QVC. Find out why!

Call us at Notting Hill Coffee @ 302.645.0733 or visit us on line at


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Gourmet Coffee at Notting Hill in Lewes

According to Merriam-Webster, gourmet coffee is 'coffee that has unique distinctiveness and flavors'. I mention this because in all the time I've been fresh-roasting and brewing coffee here at Notting Hill Coffee, I never thought of us as a gourmet coffee house and, truth be told, I still don't because to me, the word gourmet can sometimes imply snooty or stuffiness and that's not us; we're just a super relaxed, comfy little coffee and bake shop in Historic Downtown Lewes,…


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Vanilla Dream is Here!

Here she is, hot chocolate's "sweeter little sister", Vanilla Dream and it just might be one of the world's most perfect drinks. Fat free, caffeine free, glutten free and guilt free, Vanilla Dream has no hydrogenated oils, zero grams trans fat and is professionally blended and canned by hand in a Kosher environment. If all this doesn't get you, how's this? It's DELICIOUS!

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Fun Friday at Notting Hill Coffee in Downtown Lewes

Keep it right here to learn all the good gossip about the gret Fun Friday's we have planned in Lewes. We've already done the Royal Wedding and have a few Italian Festivals under our belts. Wait till you see what we have in store next!



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Notting Hill Coffee at The Lewes Farmers Market

Hi'ya. You might not be thinking about summer right now but it's still worth mentioning a quick note about something really cool that happens in Lewes every spring and summer, the Historic Lewes Farmers Market that'that goes on every Saturday from May through September. This is a great gathering of local folks, farmers and flavors who think fresh, local food is the best kind there is and we at Notting Hill Agree which is why we offer our fresh roasted, fresh brewed coffee at "The Market".…


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Ty Pennington Discovers Notting Hill Coffee in Lewes

Wow! What a week! Not only did we get to be a part of the very cool Extreme Home Makeover Home Edition this past week, but we also had the chance to spend a little personal time with Ty Pennington in the coffee shop. Here's what he had to say...

"So I'm walking back to the Hotel Rodney in Lewes, DE after a nice meal at Striper Bites (pictured above) when my senses are attacked by the unmistakable smell of roasted coffee beans.…


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Coffee on a Hot Summer Day?

You may not be thinking about drinking hot coffee right now, after all, it's about 108 outside in downtown Lewes. But just so you know, all our delicious, fresh roast, fresh ground coffee can be enjoyed ice cold as well. Now, you can get that same great Notting Hill Coffee flavor and cool off all at the same time. By the way, we have a great air condinting system.


FYI: A lot of people say that they often drink hot beverages when it's hot outside, something…


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Notting Hill Coffee Pastries: Ooey Gooey Sticks a "Lifesaver!?"

Could Ooey-Gooey's be a medical marvel?


At Notting Hill, we've never claimed anything about out house made ooey-gooey sticks other than that they are fresh made by us and super delicious. But, a recent visit from a customer has us wondering if there just might be something more to them...


After days of being in BeeBe Hospital, a local Lewes resident came into Notting Hill Coffee to thank us for "saving her life". Glad to help I thought, but what exactly did we…


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