Served with rolls upon request and 2 of the following: applesauce, baked potato, cole slaw,

corn on the cob, french fries or house salad


From the Sea

 Seafood Platter   $24.99
Crabcake, flounder, shrimp, & scallops,  broiled or fried & and served with cocktail and tartar sauce.   

     Crabcakes   (1) $17.99   (2)  $24.99
        Fresh Maryland crabmeat seasoned with spice, blended with our special recipe, served with tartar sauce.

     Crab Imperial   $22.99
        Crabmeat, in our own delicate & creamy sauce, baked to a golden finish.

     Stuffed Shrimp Dinner   $23.99
         Shrimp stuffed with crabmeat and broiled with imperial sauce.

      Steamed Lobster   MP
          Whole lobster steamed to order, served with melted butter.

      Steamed Crab Legs   $21.99
          (1lb.) Snow crab legs, served with melted butter.

Steamed Shrimp   (1/2 lb.) $15.99   (1 lb.) $19.99
          Spicy, steamed shrimp, served with cocktail sauce.  .

      Fried Shrimp   $17.99

          Shrimp lightly dusted & fried golden brown, served with cocktail sauce.

      Clam Strip Dinner   $14.99
          Deep fried and served with cocktail & tartar sauces.

Scallops   $19.99
          Tender sea scallops prepared in wine & butter, broiled, or fried to order.

      Flounder   $16.99
          Whole boneless flounder broiled or fried golden brown, served with tartar sauce.

      Stuffed Flounder   $23.99
Stuffed with crabmeat, served with tartar sauce.

       Grilled Tuna Steak   $19.99
           Fresh tuna grilled to perfection. Blackening, add $1.00.

       Soft Shell Crab Dinner   $19.99
           Fried lightly and served with tartar sauce (in season)

Fish-n-Chips   $14.99
           Fried and served with french fries

      From the Land

      Sirloin Steak   $21.99
           (10oz.) Grilled center cut sirloin steak.

        BBQ St. Louis Ribs   $20.99
             (1) Rack of pork ribs grilled to perfection, smothered in BBQ sauce.

        BBQ Ribs & Chicken   $20.99
              (1/2) Rack of pork ribs & grilled chicken breast, both smothered in BBQ sauce.

        Fried Chicken   $15.99
             Our famous southern fried chicken lightly coated with our  special blend of seasonings.


        Land & Sea

        Surf & Turf   MP
6oz.) Lobster tail & (10oz) USDA enter cut sirloin steak.

          Steak &  Crabcake   $24.99
             (10oz.) Grilled sirloin steak &  deep fried crabcake, served with tartar sauce.

BBQ Ribs & Crabcake   $24.99
               (1/2) Rack of pork ribs & a deep fried crabcake, served with tartar sauce.

          Fried Shrimp & Chicken Tenders   $18.99
              Butterflied shrimp & chicken tenderloins deep fried, served with cocktail and BBQ sauces.

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