Baby 8 to 12 months, can start training children stand. The development of small hand small muscles flexible movement. More should begin to let him learn to stand alone of the movement. Let the baby lay down, two feet will be filed, again slowly down. So repeated many times, to exercise upper body strength and wrist. Should start walking to the sport. Let the baby squat down or panic kneeling. Then took the baby hands, make its stand. So repeated many times, to exercise its lower limb muscles. Choose appropriate toys have fences, wave and the small containers, horse knock hammer, a set of tower, a set of bowl and building blocks, etc. This time the most like the child throw thing, can choose inspiring and can use hand grasp activities toys. Of course not easily to break for beautiful, such as the plush, rubber, plastic toys. The child will walk, more lively and active. This is feeling, perception and attention and memory of the fast development period. Can combine the children walk and the development of intelligence, the choice can drag and voice of toys. Such as: walk while drum bear and wooden drag duckling car, trolleys, ball and XueBuChe, etc. Now introduce you to a suitable for 8 months to 12 months of baby toys. The company Bang toys mall baby products:Baby rattles-mermaid.

Lovely and beautiful mermaid pendant dolls, the diversification of the material surface color more, give a touch of baby feeling, be helpful for the development of the senses. Colourful, diversification of play, let the baby ready to explore, lovely voice to add more fun.
This company specialized for bang toys mall baby design, let the baby healthy and happy growth. Bang toys mall in companies in the toy shop, all sales this toy shopping with novelty toy.
Bang toys mall sincere service for you. Bang toys mall is worth your trust!

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