A lot of our customers throughout Maryland and Delaware have lots of questions about bugs and pests of all kinds- ants, spiders, roaches, termites, bed bugs-- you name it and we've been asked about it. And we understand: What kind of damage can termites do to a beachfront home in Rehoboth? What kinds of spiders do we have in Georgetown? Why are there so many ants in Ocean View this year?  The list goes on and while most times, bugs and pests are simply a nuisance, the fact is they can sometimes be a lot worse and what you don't know really can hurt you. So here's a helpful guide to bug and pest questions you might have. Some of what you'll find here we'll list depending on the season. Others will come directly from questions we've answered for other customers. And some will be listed should we notice pest control problems and trends we feel you need to know. And if it happens we don't post the answer to a question you have, just give us a call. In Maryland, you can reach us at 410.352.3222 and in Delaware at 302.856.2127. Thanks for reading and we look forward to helping you with any bug and pest issues you might have.

Let's start with the basics:

Pest Control Products & Chemicals

For most of us, the safety of our family is the biggest reason we want to get bugs and pests out of our homes and being protective, it's only natural that homeowners often seek out what they perceive as the fastest way to get rid of their pests. On the surface, this makes lots of sense because without treatment, many pests can spread harmful germs and diseases to your family. However, it's a fact that homeowners are up to 67 times more likely to inappropriately apply insecticides than professionals? Sometimes too much, sometimes too little. Either way can make the problem worse and cause more potential health hazards which is why we always recommend professional, experienced pest control specialists do the job. At Bennett termite, we will use all pesticides and toxins as necessary for each applications - sparingly in a way that best helps to control the situation with minimal exposure to you and your family. 

With this in mind, a comprehensive inspection of your property is recommended before any pest control measures are taken. This will help us to pinpoint any areas that might be at risk as well as determine the best approach for your particular situation.


It's spring and along with everything we love about it (including the snow going away!) comes with it termites. These dreaded pests can ruin a home more than most people realize; the damage they can do is truly incredible. One of the most noticeable things they do this time of year is swarm. Why? Because spring is the time of year that some termites from a colony set out to start up a new colony. If you see plenty of flying termites in your home, that's a good sign that you already have a colony living with you. Since it can be disconcerting the first time you find termite swarmers in your home, if possible, bag a sample for us and feel free to vacuum up the rest as often as you're able. 

Here are some other interesting factoids about termites:

-There are a number of termite varieties around the world, and their numbers add up. Some entomologists estimate that for every human on the earth there is 1,000 pounds worth of termites. How many of them are living with you in your house on the beach in Rehoboth?

-Subterranean termites tend to be very destructive. They have been known to destroy building foundations, wooden support beams, and sub flooring, as well as plastic plumbing pipes and insulation.

Don't know if you have termites? Call us at Bennett Termite, in Delaware 302.856.2127 in Maryland 410.352.3222

Bed Bugs

Once you get past the weather, one of the biggest travel problems you could run into could be waiting at your destination...bed bugs. Bed bugs can be found in places beyond just a bed; you can find them in buses, planes, luggage and even clothing. These bugs have been found in five-star hotels, and their presence is not always determined on the cleanliness of the conditions where they are found.

They look like an apple seed, flat and brown, and they feed on human blood. They're most commonly found in places people sleep and among people who travel, but everyone is at risk to let the bed bugs bite.

Don't believe that bed bugs are only a problem for hotels. A study of pest control professionals showed that 89 percent said they had treated single-family homes while 88 percent they had treated infestations in apartments, townhouses and condos.

"They're hitch hikers, that's how they get from place to place. So they're going to hitchhike on you if you're in a car, you're on a bus, plane, train, however you're traveling, that's where they can typically be," says Mike Coffey of Lane's Professional Pest Elimination.

Since bed bugs are so small, it can be difficult to notice them with the naked eye when the infestation begins. If you start noticing clusters of bites on your skin or blood on your sheets, it's time to give us a call.

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