Simple. Sloppy. Delicious. I'm talkin' burgers here- big, fat, hangin' off the bun burgers and for me, the jucier, the messier, the better(er). How 'bout you? What's your style? I also consider burgers "Mood Food", in other words, the perfect food for the "perfect" siutation. Sure, I love'em just about anytime, but there are just some times and some places that just scream "BURGER!" more than others. Take Delmarva Bike Week for example. It's going on right now in OC and continues through the 20th and I can't think of too many other places and scenarios that warrant a big old hamburger-make mine an extra cheese-cheeseburger- than Delmarva Bike Week. I'm seein' now: the people, the noise, the bikes, all the cultures and subcultures mixin' it up and drinkin' it down and me...with a honkin' burger and a beer (or three) just smilin' and wipin' the juice from my chin.

And where do I see myself getting my burger? Well, if I stop in De on the way to the show, it'll be @ Five Guys in Lewes or Bethany. If I'm in OC well then, there's only one place for me-Big Pecker's. It's on 7301 Coastal Hwy, right in the middle of it all- the choppers, crowds and my appetite.

Maybe I'll se you there.

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