With so much focus on the environment today, we thought we'd pass along this little tip to show you how easy it is to do your part simply by keeping your car clean because Clean Cars are Green Cars? It's true. Regularly washing and waxing your car helps get rid of dirt and other contaminants that would otherwise collect on your cars surface. This means less aerodynamic drag while you're driving. Cleaning and adding rubber dressing to your tires also helps free them from debris and keeps them more pliable and less prone to cracking from exposure to sun and other natural elements and road grime. Like your car's finish, well maintained tires also offer less rolling resistance helping improve fuel economy. And, when you do this at Rehoboth Car Wash on Route 1 in Rehoboth Beach, you can even help save water because every drop we use is filtered, cleaned and recycled. Another plus is that appearance care like this also helps your car or truck maintain a higher resale or trade in value, not to mention being easier on the eyes no matter how long you keep it.

To help you make it even easier for you to go green, check out some of our specials here.

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