The first stop along Delaware's Culinary Coast is a tasty but unusual one. Instead of a restaurant, we went right to the source for many local restaurants' fresh seafood: Lewes Fish House. More than a place to get great, fresh seafood, Lewes Fish House is a resource for sea-"foodies" at the beach; from shrimp, clams, crabs and lobster to the freshest fish and even the produce and seasoning to go with it, they have everything you need to feast like seafood royalty. As popular as seafood is to eat out, Chuck, Deanna and GR at "The Fish House" are always surpised at how fearful people can be when it comes to cooking seafood for themselves so, to help them "get over it", they teamed up with local chef, Gary Papp to show you just how easy and delicious it is to do it yourself. Have a look! When you're done with this video, taste more of the Culinary Coast here.

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