Delaware Sport Fishing Tournament 2016

Welcome back to our Outdoor Fishing blog here on We're really excited about the partnership we're creating with this team and are looking forward to all the exciting events we have planned- from contests and prizes to new apparel, we plan on having lots of fun and hope you do too. And while you can be sure we'll tell you all about in in upcoming blogs, right now let's get back to what we started with our first blog post, giving you info you can use about fishing tournaments in Delaware.

This time around, we're going to talk a little more about the Delaware Sport Fishing Tournament an event held every Saturday all year long. Yes, all year long. A citation based tournament, the program begins every year on January 1st and goes on through to December 31st. Along the way, there's great fishing fun to be had. And, because it covers so many species of fresh and saltwater fish it's a tournament that can test your skill in just about any legal Delaware fishing spot and any skill level. Here's what we mean.

If you love fishing in the fresh stuff, bass of all kinds are your to fish- largemouth, smallmouth, striped and hybrid, they're all on the list. Then again, so is carp, catfish, crappie, trout and walleye and, well you get the idea, Of course, if you want to be sure, check here.

If fishing in the brine is more your thing, you'll love this tournament because chances are if you catch it, they count it; false & true albacore, bluefish, drum, dolphinfish, flounder, shark, swordfish and marlin, they are all legal to catch in the tournament. Find out what else qualifies here. One special note to "salties" here is that citation for marlin are only awarded for catch & release or those caught specifically for taxidermy. You can find all the rules here.

Another special feature of this tournament is the Delaware Live Release Fishing Awards. Although it's fairly easy to understand what these are and why they are awarded, the official wording on the DNREC site reads that the purpose of this award is "to promote conservation ethics among Delaware anglers who catch and release live eligible species that exceed minimum lengths specified". For more info on this special awards patch, click here.

Since just about every one of us here at Outdoor Fishing has been recognized by this tournament, we can say form first hand experience, it's a lot of fun, not because it makes fishing more fun but because it helps promote such a fantastic sport, a sport that involves the great outdoors, lots of fun, camaraderie and community. And since it's been around since the 1930's, it's been doing it for generations. 

Have fun out there!

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