Vinyl, live music, craft-cask beer and artisans of all kinds who are good with their hands, heads and who knows what else all converge at the Dogfish Head Beer Milton Brewery for Analog-A-Go-Go June 12-14th (some cool stuff is going on in Rehoboth too so check it all out).

So what makes Analog-A-Go-Go so great? Well, for starters, go back and read the first sentence again: vinyl, live music, cask beer and artisans; it's the sensory experience to end all sensory experiences. Other cool event things and happenings will include a brewery tour, an Analog tasting glass and a handful of East Coast vinyl collectors ready to sell swap and barter. You'll also find food, more than a half dozen vendors a great Sid Vintage clothing.

Tickets are just $25 buck, and only $5 bills for designated drivers.

Now get ready to get analog and go-go-go check and more right here!

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