At Kids' Ketch, we're always amused and sometimes amazed at the stories we hear about each family's personal experience with The Elf On The Shelf book. Whether it's the innocent joy children get from learning how Santa keeps tabs on who's naughty and nice, to the creative ways parents include "The Elf" into their kids daily routine to how in some cases, the elf has become an "extra set of eyes" in some ways; each story is as unique as the children the books were bought for in the first place. And this is why we've started this very special Elf On The Shelf blog and invite you to share your story with us, whatever it is! We want to hear from all the moms, dads, grandparents and everybody else who has a story to tell about their very own Elf On The Shelf.

Sharing your story is as easy and fun as reading the book itself. Just join our community (it's free, fast and easy), come to this blog, then add your comment. That's all there is to it!

As always, we thank you for supporting Kids' Ketch, hope you love your Elf On The Shelf as much as we do and hope to hear from you soon!




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