Since we're on the Culinary Coast, it's no wonder we love food of all kinds. But like many of you, there's a special place in our hearts and on our plates for Italian Food. Warm, vibrant and friendly, Italian Food is prolific and delicious and we can't get enough of it, which is why we're extremely excited and happy to tell you about the upcoming Lewes Italian Festival happening on September 23rd from 10-10p. Another in the series of Fun Friday Events sponsored by the City of Lewes, Lewes Chamber of Commerce and local Lewes Merchants and Restaurants, the Italian Festival in Downtown Lewes is sure to leave its mark in your memory (and on your shirt if you're not careful)!


Although we know there'll be lots more going on than just food- shopping, games, great wine, music and plays- we can't stop thinking about the food in all its tantalizing offerings. Here are the ones we know about so far and you can be sure we'll tell you about any other dishes that we hear will be making an appearance. Mangia!


The Buttery - Crispy fried Arborio rice balls with Fontina cheese centers & individual Tiramisu cups (Rehoboth Beach Chocolate Festival award winner)

Café Azafran - Lamb meatballs, bruschetta, gnocchi and biscotti, coffee

Gilligan’s – Sausage, peppers & onions & Pizzelles

Jerry’s Seafood & Blue Sea Café – Assortment of raviolis – lobster, cheese, meat & eggplant parmesan

Notting Hill Coffee Roastery - Limoncello bars, biscotti, Italian espresso, Italian hot & cold chocolate

Cake Bar – Chocolate Tiramisu, Cannoli, Biscotti, Italian Shrimp & Potato Salad, Flatbread Pizza & Meatball Subs

Touch of Italy – Serving Banfi wines, the official wine of the 2011 Italian Festival; Sausage & peppers; Zeppolie and assorted pastries.

Half Full – Pizza

Kindle - Lobster risotto

Striper Bites – Raw bar and other Italian favorites

Agave Tequila Bar & Restaurant– Italian-themed gastronomic delights

Beseme – Luscious, lovely Lasagna and Italian salad

King’s Homemade Ice Cream Shop – Special Italian-themed ice cream dessert with amaretto

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