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In a few days you'll see the first in our series of Culinary Coast "Taste Teaser" videos where we showcase restaurants in and around the Delaware beaches. This time out, we're featuring Lewes Fish House and some of the wonderfully fresh seafood they have available for everyone to enjoy; from local restaurants to personal chefs to families sitting down at home for their very own seafood feasts, people who want it fresh, want it from Lewes Fish House .

To showcase their seafood, we enlisted the talents of local Personal Chef and Caterer, Gary Papp and while we'll save the details of the dish he prepared for the video, we have to tell you now, it's a shame you can't taste what he made through your computer's monitor. Here's a hint how good it was: members of the video crew were invited to try some of the fish- salmon in this case- after filming; many of the crew however didn't like fish, salmon particularly. But, one by one, one bite led to two, then three, then four, then...no more. The fish was gone! Gobbled up by people who didn't even like fish. Now if that's not a testament to Chef Papp's ability and to the quality of product at Lewes Fish House, we don't know what is.

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