Friends are people that have something in common.

One of my favorite things about boarding dogs, besides meeting such great dogs, is meeting the owners.  From every walk of life, we all share on thing in common - our love of dogs.  In Sussex County Delaware there are a large number of people who have just moved to the area, many from more urban areas.  Sharing a little "country" with them is a lot of fun, while also enjoying learning a little about where they came from.  When The Good Dog Inn first opened, I really thought it was a novel approach to dog boarding, cagefree and encouraging socialization with the dogs.  I have learned that there are other places, large and small, with the same idea.  Cageless dog boarding is the up and coming style of boarding, replacing the traditional kennels that, while convenient for both dog and kennel owners, left dogs in a cage, wondering what happened, what did they do wrong?  Here at The Inn I am all about making the dogs feel at home and part of the group, spending time with each one individually and allowing supervised interaction among themselves.  So if you want to meet new people with similar interests, do what you enjoy doing and the rest follows.

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