The best things in life really are free: the sun on your face on a warm summer day. The feeling of ice-cold, home made lemonade rushing down your throat when it's really hot outside. Splashing in the ocean. Enjoy it all when you're young and keep doing it so you can stay that way. Share it too, with others - your friends, family and maybe even a few strangers. Take care of each other. Why not? After all, we can all use a little looking after and we can all stand to smile a little more and have a little more fun.

So have a cookout, a party, or whatever else it is that can make you smile, just be sure to laugh it up, soak it in and let it flow back out to everyone else around you. And if you find there's any way we can help out, just let us know. We can't say it'll be free, but we promise to take care of you.

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