I'm just about at the end of my computer crisis though not close enough to give you the full rundown on it right now. Suffice it to say it was an enormous PIA and would have turned into a disaster had it not been for Karen Harris at Gigabeach Computers in Rehoboth. Had it not been for her, we wouldn't be able to do our ybl emails, update or manage the site content (at least not from the comfort of our office) or do any number of things all of which are integrally necessary to maintaining our site and keeping you in touch with local beach goings on.

Pressed for time or otherwise, I thought it important to share this info with you all now because ya' just never know when you'll need this kind of service, especially when your business relys on your computer's peformance.

So, if and when your computer starts heckling, taunting and otherwise generally being disagreeable with you, call Karen, she's simply the best at keeping your computer healthy...and keeping you (relatively) sane.

Gigabeach Computers 302.226.5424.

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