Dos Locos Offers Gluten Free Dining in Rehoboth

More and more we hear about people who are unable to enjoy the foods so many of us take for granted because their bodies are unable to process the glutens that seem to be in almost every food known to man- at least the tastiest ones anyway. While many who deal with this challenge manage to maintain a reasonably tasty diet at home, they often find themselves much more limited in selection when going out to eat. This seems especially true when they're on vacation, one of the main purposes of which is to eat as much as you can. Sure, lots of places claim to offer gluten-free foods, but the possibility of cross contamination still exists when kitchen space is limited or when the kitchen is simply very busy.


Fortunately for food lovers, Dos Locos in downtown Rehoboth Beach offers you a near ideal, gluten-free dining option that doesn't sacrifice flavor or quality. it just so happens, it's also one of their most popular menu items no matter who's ordering. Called Stonegrille Dining, this cooked-at-your-table flavor festival is naturally gluten-free because it consists mainly of chicken, fish and beef and a whole lot more. From Ahi tuna, scallops and lobster to pork chops, lamb and veal, you'll not only savor every gluten-free bite you take but also relax knowing that for once your palate and your stomach can agree on something


To learn more about Dos Locos gluten-free Stonegrill Dining, give them a call at 302.227.3353 or to visit them (and check out their special menus on line) go to

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