According to Merriam-Webster, gourmet coffee is 'coffee that has unique distinctiveness and flavors'. I mention this because in all the time I've been fresh-roasting and brewing coffee here at Notting Hill Coffee, I never thought of us as a gourmet coffee house and, truth be told, I still don't because to me, the word gourmet can sometimes imply snooty or stuffiness and that's not us; we're just a super relaxed, comfy little coffee and bake shop in Historic Downtown Lewes, Delaware.

However, by definition and now that I've really thought about it, we do sell gourmet coffee. More than that, we concoct the flavors, roast the fresh coffee beans right here in the shop and brew it up for customers to enjoy. We even package and ship it for our fans who can't make it to the shop or just want to take some of our gourmet coffee goodness home with them.

So let's review: if your definition of gourmet has anything to do with being aloof and uptight, that's not us. But, if your take on gourmet is high quality coffee beans roasted into creative and delicious flavors, than Notting Hill is your gourmet coffee hook up in Lewes and and anywhere else along Delaware's beaches.

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