If you live in or near Millsboro, Delaware and need gutter cleaning, call us at Bennett Termite & Pest Solutions. Why? Because we're professional, experienced and committed to giving you the best value for your dollar. But that's just the beginning. Did you know that clean gutters help make a safer and healthier home? They do and here's why...

Benefits of Gutter Cleaning:


  • Clean gutters don't stress all fasteners on your gutter system like dirty ones do. This means less load bearing weight on fasteners, joints and seams so gutters stay put- attached to your house where they should be.
  • Clean gutters don't have debris that clog them and clog gutters can force water under your roof shingles. Water freezes and lifts shingles and when ices melts, it runs into your home.
  • Clean gutters eliminate the mold and mildew that unattended gutters create.
  • Clean gutters stop the premature rot issuers and deterioration of your shingles that dirty gutters start.


Want to know more or schedule an appointment? Great, give us a call @ 302.856.2127 or visit us on line @ bennetttermite.com

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