Hazel Presents: Miss Lil's Waterfront Enterprise

Hazel Brittingham presents “Miss Lil’s Waterfront Enterprise” 

Lillian Lawrence, Lewes’s famous/infamous Miss Lil, ran an illegal house of entertainment for men in two locations near the waterfront during the first quarter-century of the 1900s.  She and her "girls" made news at the time, and hearsay accounts of the brothel remain a part of Lewes’s colorful coastal history. Speaker Hazel Brittingham has heard many of the talks and shares her notes taken during discussions with local folk about the subject.  All of those interviewed have now passed away. It is no secret that over a long period of time, Miss Lil would be arrested on a Saturday night for conducting a “disorderly house,” but with payment of the $10 fine on Monday morning, “business as usual” continued.  It appears that the amount of the fine was not prohibitive. The exploits of Miss Lil and her girls remain a fresh topic of interest.  Truly, the former residents are “Gone, but not forgotten.” 

Learn more @ historiclewes.org

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