Happy Father's Day, Dad-every one of you!

While we hope you enjoy(ed) your Father's Day and time with the kids we'd also like to remind you all that another big day is right around the corner: the 4th of July. Another great day for family and friends, this year's fourth will be an extra special one because it's on a Saturday and that means more time to take advantage of the extra long weekend with more festivities, more party time, more family time and more time to be happy that we live where we do.

Now, in the meantime, we'd also like to remind you all that if you're planning something special like a bbq, 4th of July picnic, community party or whatever, let us help you with whatever you need; bbq, picnic items, balloons, you name it. And, if you're looking for great ideas, we can help you there too! Check us out!

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