I cannot express how grateful I am in a blog post, but I will give it a try.  Yesterday while inquiring about percussion and rhythmic instruments for my private practice with a reputable music store, I struck up a conversation about nylon strings.  Realizing that I could not put the strings on my beginners Fender acoustic, a sales associate and guitar specialist went out to the storage shed, brought in a beautiful classical yamaha guitar, and said "It's your's if you wan't it. I would rather have it go to good use with the kids than just sit and collect dust".  As a result, I now have one of the biggest equipment expenses out of the way and I owe that to the kind retailer and my friends and venders who have supported me throughout this process.  Instead of describing music therapy (which I will in the next few days) I wanted to take the time on this rainy but positive wednesday and thank the people who have helped me along the way.  A special thanks to Tim and whole staff at B&B Music in Lewes, DE; Matt Latocha, Melissa Martin, Sydny Arstz, Tyler Mock-owner of Record Picks, and Anthony Baray (co-owner/operator of yourbeachlife.com).  I am humbled by the community support and if I missed anyone, I apologize.  I am close to founding my first therapeutic group and there are several obstacles to come. But having a supportive community makes trying worth all the while.  THANK YOU!!


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