In case this title is hard to read, it's yourbeachlifestyle. While we think the tie in to the site name is kinda' clever, what's really important is that this is a new section/blog post being added to showcase, spotlight and just generally wax on about the interesting and unique lifestyle people enjoy at the De/Md beaches. Just so you know, almost any topic is fair game here from french fries and fireworks to sand castles and surfing to boardwalks, beaches, boats, get the idea. Just about any beach related area will be found here too: Lewes, Rehoboth, Ocean City and all points in, around and between. And, while we're at it, we might as well add personality profiles to the mix as well whether it's about a local business owner or just someone we happened to meet. If it's interesting, okay, if we think it's interesting, it will probably show up here.

Consider yourself warned...

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