ELF ON THE SHELF Book Signing at Kids’ Ketch

Author Carol Aebersold will be visiting Kids’ Ketch to sign and promote her book, THE ELF ON THE SHELF, on Saturday, Oct. 2 from 11am – 1 pm. Ms. Aebersold, along with her daughter Chanda Bell, collaborated on a charming book that answers the timeless question of how Santa happens to know who has been naughty or nice. It so happens that sometime during the holiday season, Santa sends a scout elf to each home to watch over children’s behavior. The elf gets its Christmas magic when the family gives it a name of its own. Each night, the elf flies home to Santa with a report, only to return the next morning for another day of watching and listening. Finding out where the elf lands each day becomes a big part of the fun. The hardback book comes complete with the magical elf.

Kids’ Ketch has been selling the book at holiday time for several years and owner Teresa Ford and her sales associates love hearing the stories provided by parents who have made THE ELF ON THE SHELF part of their holiday tradition (Tell Us Yours!)

Kids’ Ketch is located on 2nd Street in downtown Lewes.

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