The University of Delaware's Coast Day is one of the best ways to learn more about Lewes' integral association with the sea. Sure, Coast Day gives you a fun, insider's perspective on the significance of the state of Delaware's overall oacean and coastal resources but it's in Lewes specifically that you can see, touch and experience the symbiosis of this relationship first hand.

For starters, Coast Day takes place at the University's Hugh R. Sharp Campus which is located in Lewes and some of the events and special programs take place on and around the DelRiver, the University's research vessel, which like so many seagoing ships, calls Lewes its home port. From here, it conducts research on any number of topics from local sealife to water testing to dive expeditions.

Since Coast Day also showcases the continuous work of University students and staff, many activities will be featured that highlight the wonders of our natural environment and how we try to understand and interact with them. Here again, Lewes shines because so much of the work and study done also is based out of Lewes and in fact, utilizes many of its own, local, sea bound resources for hypothesis, experimentation and understanding.

Of course, with so much going on during Coast Day from the research and environmental programs to the kids' treasure hunt and Lewes Fireboat demo to the famous crab cake cook-off, it's important to realize that Coast day is a lot bigger than just the town of Lewes, we just think it's important to point out just how important this big little seaside town is.

For more info about the University of Delaware's Coast Day happening in Lewes on Sunday, October 7, visit University of Delaware Coast Day

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