We strongly believe in using Clean, Renewable Energy and hope to inspire others to do so as well or to do whatever they can to help our environment and reduce our carbon footprint.

When you ride by Lewes Fishhouse, you will see the majestic Windmills, otherwise known as Wind Turbines, towering into the sky. The Windmills, installed in July of 2009, are an excellent source of renewable, clean energy that will benefit us as well as the environment well into the future.

Our Solar panels

Along with the Windmills at Lewes Fishhouse, now named Sabastian and Cloe thanks to Christa Edwards, we also have solar panels so that we may embrace the power of the sun as well. Solar power is another excellent source of clean energy that has helped cement our commitment to clean energy, lower electric bills, and a total savings that we hope to pass along to our customers in the future.

Delaware Renewable Energy, now known as Clean Energy USA, were most helpful in assisting us with our decision to switch to clean energy...learn more...


Don't forget that Lewes Fishhouse equals fresh quality seafood too as well as great recipes to help you make the most of it.

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