One of Delaware's most successful rock bands of the 1970's & 80's, The Movies has been making a not so quiet comeback over the past couple years thanks to renewed interest in their sound and a rejuvenated spirit among original band members Junior Wilson, Bob Barr and Ray Strube. In their heyday, The Movies Trio built a raw-edged and rythmic sound all their own and while the band initially played quite a few cover songs to fill out their gigs, it was their original music that really brought them into the limelight, especially their hit single, "Photograph".

Although creative differences sent band members in different directions, it wasn't before The Movies became one of the most popular performing bands at the Delaware and Maryland beaches and their popularity quickly spread up and down the East Coast (and beyond) making them one of the must have, must hear bands of their era.

To learn more about The Movies and to hear som eof their music, check out and be sure to catch them Saturday, April 3rd and Saturday, April 10th @ The Wharf in Lewes, Delaware.

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