Lewes Parks & Beaches: The Great Delaware Kite Festival

The next time somebody tells you to "Go fly a kite!", don't take it to heart; consider it a challenge- just like Governor Charles Layman Terry, Jr did more than 40 years ago- and get yourself over to The Great Delaware Kite Festival @ the Cape Henlopen State Park, Good Friday, April 2nd, 2010.

What started as a good-natured competition between the Maharajah of Bharatpur, India and Delaware's Governor has grown into the largest annual single day event in Delaware; a kite-flying festival and exhibition open to people of all ages and skill levels. From home made box kites to the latest is professional stunt kites, youll see them all at this year's kite festival and they'll be competing in 18 judged categories that range from the types of kite a person has to what they can actually make it do, including kite "ballet".

Admission is free to all participants and there are three competing age groups: children to age 12, teens 13-17 and adults 18 and older and while each category has its own class specific contests, a Highest Kite category is open to everyone of all ages.

Registration begins @ 9am; children and teen competitions are from 10a till noon with awards following. The adult classes, including stunt kite, novice individual and ballet competitions take place after the Highest Kite Award ceremony @ 12:15p.

Please Note: While there is no charge to watch. Entrance fees apply for cars to enter the state park which will be collected at the entrance to the park - $4 per car for Delaware license tags and $8 per car for out-of-state tags.

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