Do you want a colorful life ---- not only more eager to express your lifestyle with a small display! Metal parts welded iron technology (novelty toy) display series. A cold metal into a handsome carriage. These cool pen holder for your home office to bring the rich taste of the iceberg! These bang toys mall iron handicrafts overall metal structure, with professional equipment and forging technology processing. Work fine, antique style, high-temperature solder to complete. Electrostatic powder paint production, with a bronze gold appearance. Both beautiful and practical, these products are very popular in Europe, America welcomed. These seemingly humble nut and designers with a wire through, it becomes life-like works of art. Slowly to enjoy it, is not it the breath of experience to that of steel?

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Professional hand made! Products from the bearings, screws, nuts, gaskets, iron pipe, wire, hand-welded together a variety of materials. Carefully cut by hand, small parts molding, stitching, carefully crafted color, plating and other hand-made process. Rugged, cold style, simplicity and delicate metallic finish.

These are the designer to give it emotional, gentle, creative, and thus elevated to art.

Both natural and simple beauty, but also urban and modern. After the ordinary steel materials and production designers who create ideas, sublimated into rich life and soul of art. Modeling realistic, fine collection of your home, office modification, home soft suits, business gifts, relatives and friends give each other the top grade.

Now a lot of bang toys mall's toy shop, toy store, there have to sell! Welcome to purchase!

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