March Vacation and the Potcakes of Abaco

Greetings from the warm island of Green Turtle Cay, (pronounced Key for those that didn't know), one of the out islands of the Abacos, Bahamas.  On my well announced month-long vacation from dog boarding I want to assure you that does not mean I am dog free.  My morkie Gypsy has travelled with me and enjoys the freedoms a small sleepy island offers a happy little pup.  Running on the beaches, playing with her new friend Jacki and going for rides with mom in the golf cart keep her smiling and sleeping well as night.


Here in the Abacos there is a type of dog called Potcake, a non-standardized, general blend of many breeds the are so named because the locals would feed the dogs the clump of stuck-on food the always ends up in the bottom of all of our soup pots - the potcake.  Generally these are smallish dogs, although I have seen some with obvious lab or sheppard blood, making them up to 40 or so pounds.  As I wander the island and venture over to Marsh Harbor, I have been filming these dogs and will share some of these photos through out the month.  Some are friendly, even mooching in the grocery parking lot in Marsh, others are aloof, while still others offer no encouragement to approach them.  The two featured in the attached photo were wandering the grocery parking lot, very friendly and definitely "working it".  One had on a flea collar and showed signs of care, such as trimmed nails and a healthy coat, while the other was a tad dingy, looking like it slept in the dirt and wasn't petted enough to keep the fur shiny and dust free. But both eyed all of the carts, looking for hand outs and being very polite in their begging.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love dogs?

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