Music: Fat Daddy Slim and the Fleshtones

Awesome show last night @ Dogfish in Rehoboth and if you missed it, all I can say is "you shoulda' been there." Why? Because it was one of the best live performances I've seen locally in a long, long time, courtesy of a new local band-Fat Daddy Slim and the Has Beens and long time, now legendary band, The Fleshtones. The performances of both were fantastic and complemented each other perfectly.

Fat Daddy and his Has Beens is a collection of local musicians who've adapted a unique Vegas Lounge, Rock-a-billy style to all kinds of pop music from Elvis to Johnny Cash. The great thing is that their style isn't lounge act old, just Vegas Strip Cool.
We'll be talking about these guys more, so be on the lookout.

As for the Fleshtones, well, these guys are just incredible-and insane; from the time their set started until the time they literally sung their way out the front door, these guys rocked it out hard, fast and intense with a style that can only be describes as classically cool, old school, garage band rock: simple, powerful and moving. And when I say moving, I mean moving like no one in the joint was sitting down- legs and arms were flying, heads bobbing and shaking, people jumping on tables- you name it.

Well, that's it for now, I'm looking for some Fleshtones stuff online. we'll be posting some vids later so keep checkin' back.

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