Neel, Mack & Shockley @ Bethany Blues

Talk about a musical trifecta, this Saturday night Johnny Neel, Keith Mack and Ed Shockley will perform together @ Bethany Blues in Lewes; start time 9:30p.

Johnny Neel, the Wilmington, De, born and raised, Grammy Award Winning Artist is known for his singing, songwriting and moving keyboard and harp performances. Having performed with the Allman Brother's Band, his work has also been performed by Joe Louis Walker, the Oakridge Boys, Travis Tritt and others. This marks Neel's second of three local shows this weekend having just come off another fantastic live gig at Beseme in Lewes. His third will be with John Thompson in Songwriter's Circle at the Lighthouse Cove on Monday, 8/31.

Joining him is the equally talented Keith Mack. Born in Rehoboth, Keith was a member of the popular 1980's band Scandal and, along with lead singer Patti Smith, recorded both gold and platinum selling albums. Keith's focus today has shifted from pop-culture rock to fingerstyle, acoustic guitar. As with his previous successes, Keith is a featured artist of Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine.

Rounding out this trio is Ed Shockley, Locally renowned Lewes native. He is internationally known from his work with his band Cries and their time spent on the RCA label. His work also includes his early '80's band Jack of Diamonds and their Mid-Atlantic Anthem "Dodge City"; he continues to perform with his band Vinyl Shockley-so named for his grandfather-as well as playing with other acclaimed artisits.

For more info, you can call Bethany Blues @ 644.2500 or you can check them out here.

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