Coffe lovers know us. The little coffee house aka, The Lewes Bake Shoppe, on Second Stree in Historic, Downtown Lewes.Those of you who know me know I'm passionate about my coffee- the bean selection, the color, the flavor profile- all of these things are important for me to consider and to be picky about to make sure I can share with you the best cup of coffee you'll ever have. But there's something else, another key ingredient, that's just as important to me that helps me serve the best cup of coffee I can and it's called Fair Trade. So, what is Fair Trade and why is it so important to me and the coffee you drink? Well, for starters, Fair Trade producers coffee beans make a damn good cup of coffee and from the moment it touches your tongue, you'll know what I mean. But next, and equally important to me and I've found, to many of my customers, is that Fair Trade produced coffee helps the coffee growers themselves enjoy more than just a great cup of coffee, but a better life too. Or, to put it in official Fair Trade terms, every Fair Trade certified product you buy, like our coffee- helps "improve lives and protect the environment."


To learn more about why I participate in Fair Trade, visit this link Fair Trade Exchange and, when you get the chance, stop in, say "Hi!" and have a great cup of coffee with us.







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