Looking to buy fresh roast, gourmet flavored coffee? Then you've found the right place! We roast our own beans into uniquely delicious flavored coffee the likes of which you won't find anywhere else. We're Notting Hill Coffee, a premier coffee roaster located in Lewes, Delaware. Since we're near Lewes and Rehoboth beach, you'll always have a good excuse to come visit us (besides the coffee, of course). But if you can't, we'll roast and ship our coffee to wherever you are, in fact, you can shop us online right here. Having trouble deciding which blend or flavor is right for you? we can help with that too, just read on because...

Here it is, THE PAGE to find out all about our fresh and famous flavored coffee. From seasonal treats like our Boardwalk Almond to year round favorites like Banana Nut to some of our latest and greatest including our Madeleine Cookies and Red Velvet Cake, when it comes to unique, interesting and just plain fantastic flavored coffee, we go beyond the bean to bring you flavor profiles you can only get from Notting Hill Coffee.

Let's start with some of our favorites:

Lewes Sticky Bun - Yes, we did!  What can we say? We've taken the flavor our famous,made in house sticky buns and stuck all of their ooey-gooey goodness into a flavored coffee that just might leave you speechless. Order It

Coconut Creme - Here's a flavored coffee that'll have you thinking you're on vacation! Tropical coconuts blended extra smoothly with sweet creamy vanilla notes, it's great hot or iced! It is Amy's favorite coconut coffee. Order It

Coconut Kiss - How can we make coconut better? with a kiss of course! Rich coconut with a kiss of liqueur and velvety Swiss chocolate. Enjoy over a beach sunset. A Brazilian style coffee that has grown immensely in popularity!!! Order It

Dirty Banana - A dreamy non-cocktail treat.... Sweet, vanilla ice cream and milky coconut notes, blend beautifully with a banana rum cream creating a coffee liquor-like beverage without the booze (of course, if you want to add some..). It's like being in the Caribbean until the bag is empty. Unbelievable over ice!!! Order It

Boardwalk Almond - We think of going to the beach and strolling the boardwalk and….snacking.  Remember those cinnamon almonds, roasted right at the boardwalk? Now enjoy that irresistible crunchy shell of almonds wrapped in a vanilla-scented cinnamon and sugar infused flavored coffee anytime anywhere.  This strong flavor is available in combination with your favorite locally roasted coffee. Wow!

Order It

Caramel Corn - Here's another beach treat masquerading as a flavored coffee you have to try. You’re at the ocean’s boardwalk where the cool breeze, warm sun and hot, indulgently buttery sweet treat of summer calls for you.This is my absolute favorite flavored coffee and you can't get this anywhere else. An absolute must try! Did I already say that? Order It

Cookies 'n Cream *NEW - Can’t get enough of that sweet creamy vanilla inside those rich, crunchy chocolate wafer cookies? Now it’s all in our calorie-free, guilt-free coffee. Bottoms up…and no dunking required! Order It

Cotton Candy *NEW - If you are a person who likes to put sugar in your coffee... seasrch no more. This NO SUGAR marvel will astound you. Volumes of fluffy- light spun sugar threads twirl in your cup. This popular cloud-like confection, with our hand-crafted coffee, is a carnival in your mouth! This coffee DOES NOT have a sugar substitute and it DOES NOT have sugar. It does have crazy-good flavor though! Order It

Creme Brulee - Well, what can we say? Subtle, sweet caramel makes this dessert flavored coffee a culinary masterpiece. Creme Brulee actually means burnt cream, but there is nothing burnt about our caramel vanilla symphony. One of our best sellers, it is great hot or iced. Order It

English Toffee

Traditional toffee flavor, with sweet, buttery notes. Like my friends across The Pond, This coffee is elegant, flavorful but not overwhelming. Order It

Funnel Cake

Sweet vanilla, powdered sugar, and sinful dough – the beach treat you crave is now coupled with your favorite locally roasted coffee. No calories!  What could be better…batter? Order It

King's Homemade Ice Cream

Ice Cream in a cup- A little touch of Lewes in a big cup of vanilla - All the taste, but none of the calories. Our favorite vanilla!!!!!!!!!  Spectacular and unique!!!! Order It

Toasted Praline Creme

This royal combination of Belgian chocolates, buttery caramels, and exotic nuts is accented with a slight liqueur quality – something for everyone. It'll make your house smell like syrup and coffee. What a wonderful way to wake up!! Order It

Ultimate Chocolate

Well worth the year it took to perfect the recipe. Linger with Europe ’s finest milk chocolate as it drifts from your favorite cup. Even those allergic to chocolate can drink this safely. Now that's really something to savor. Order It

White Chocolate Mousse

A decadent blend of pure white chocolate and whipped, sweet dairy- cream flavors. Popular as an after dinner decaf coffee…just like the dessert itself. Order It

Wild Delaware

We've accented Rainforest Alliance Certified Colombian coffee with a combination of berries, nuts and spices. The result is a coffee as beautiful as the great outdoors and as enticing as Kevin Fleming's new book! GO WILD! Order It


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