For those of you out there who normally wouldn't even think of going to a car show yet alone actually go to one, reconsider-just this once- and give it a try. Why, because despite what you might think, car shows aren't really about cars at all, they are about dreams and inspiration, impassioned talent and determination and forging bonds of family and friendship stronger than any welds that hold the cars together. To put it another way, car shows are all about what the cars represent which you'll find, is something far greater than the sum of their parts.

For example, a car's body isn't just metal, plastic or resin, it's a blank canvas. And paint isn't just something to cover it with, it's a medium of expression and innovation (some paint is packaged with water to be more environmantally friendly).

Wheels and tires aren't just about helping to roll a car from point to point, but about carrying it and its passengers in any number of preferred styles.

The same can be said for interiors- seats, door panels, carpet- none of it is there simply for the sake of being there (in some cases, it isn't there at all) but instead to define and detail the lifestyle and emotion of its owner.

Engines too, are another focal point because they are as much about technology, invention and know-how as anything else. Depending on their configuration, they can represent any number of theories, thought processes or technologies; from old-school to hi-tech to something the world may have not yet seen, it's all there.

With this in mind, it shouldn't surprise you that car shows are as much, if not more so about people, their lifestyles, their social influences and their goals, than they are about the cars themselves. In fact the cars are, if you'll pardon the expression, simply "vehicles" of creative thinking, individuality and social expression.

Go see for yourself. OC Car Shows

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