A great vacation needs 4 things: Great Accommodations, Great Food, Great Activity (even if that means sometimes doing nothing at all) and of course, Great Golf. Get the combination right and it's a pretty safe bet you're going to have a fantastic time. Let the Pros at OC19 help you get the combination right the first time. Anytime. Every time.

Let's start with accommodations. We'll get you the best rooms at the best rates. It's that simple. With access to 1000's of condos, dozens of hotels, and an undisclosed but nicely sized stash of private rooms, cottages and more, OC19 has the selection and connections to get you the place you'll love at a price you'll like to pay, even if we have to negotiate for it. Just tell us what you're looking for, how many people you'll be bringing and how long you want to stay and we'll do the rest. And if you'll be bringing pets, need a laundry room (or service) or even want a big kitchen to cook in - we can take care of that too.

Now for the food. Basically, whatever you want, we can get for you. From professionally prepared, gourmet meals cooked and served at your place to reservations and transportation to the tastiest restaurants in town, we'll make it so you'll never have to wonder where your next meal is coming from, you'll just know it's going to be delicious. We'll also make sure you're stocked up on your favorite beverages and brews and that your fridge is full for whatever kind of homemade feast you want to make.

How about some activity? For most of our guests, fun comes in the form of swinging a perfectly balanced club at a dimpled little ball, aka: GOLF. And when it comes to golf, Josh and the OC19 Crew have the experience and access to let you play on some of the greatest greens and most beautiful courses in Ocean City. But because man does not live by golf alone and because some people just don't golf, OC19 is here to make sure finding something fun to do is always an option. From salons and day spas to poolside lounges and tiki bars, from waterparks and watersports to go karts and merry go rounds, if there's something to do in Ocean City, we've got the inside track which means you've got a spot in the front of the line.  

To see how else we can help you plan and package the perfect golf and family vacation, call Josh at OC19 @ 410.726.6255.

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