People ask us all the time for tips and tricks to help them plan the perfect party, so we thought we'd start a party tips blog covering the questions we get asked most often. This time around, we'll start with kids birthdays because this is far and away one of most asked about.

Simply put, time and organization are the two most important pieces of advice we can give because with them, you can keep your cool, plan wisely, spend wisely and have a great b-day party for everyone involved.

The exact amount of time to set aside for planning depends on the type and size party you want to have. The size part is self explanatory but as for the type of party, what we mean is will there be games, what will the theme be, etc. In fact, determining the type of parties, themes and activities are the next most important steps and below are some guidlines to show you why and help pull all this suff together:

-If possible, begin planning your party 4-5 weeks in advance. Allowing plenty of time for shopping, cake orders and enlisting any friends or family you may want to help.

- Pick a theme. Whether it's an elaborate royal kingdom theme, or something easier, like your child's favorite color, selecting a theme will help you organize your thoughts. Then you can plan all of your party supply purchases, party games and decorations around that theme.

-Children remember what they did at a party, much more than what they ate, so while the types of food you have is relevant, it's not nearly as important as what the kids will be doing. For example, will there be games like bean-bag tosses or sack races; pinatas are always well recieved and a lot fun.
Incidentally, the best times to have a party is 1:00 - 3:00 or 2:00 - 4:00 because you won't need to serve a meal save for finger foods. And for little ones try 10:00am -11:30 to work around nap time.

While there are other details to planning a party, for example, will you bake or buy the cake, planning around these three steps will help you put everything else in its place. Of course, if you need more help, we're just a click and a call away.

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Comment by Myles Brown on July 12, 2009 at 5:30pm
Thank you for all of your helpful hints. I used some of them for my July 4th party. It was great to be able to go into your store and get everything I needed to make my party a success. Thanks again for all your help.


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