After your workout grab a "profesional grade" post workout drink.

American Bodybuilding's CARBO FORCE

Carbs are the body's preferred fuel source for high-intensity activities like lifting, sprinting, throwing, and jumping -- basically, all the stuff that you do for every sport from bodybuilding to shotputting. So, you don't want to skimp on them. Taking in the right types of carbs, at the right times, not only impacts how you perform today -- it'll determine your next training session too. Carbo Force packs 100 grams of stacked carbs into just 18 oz. Better yet; it does so with just 15 grams of sugar per bottle.

Nutritional benefits of ABB,s CARBO FORCE

• Unlimited Versatility
• Energy & Glycogen Support
• Hydration Support
• Low Fat
• Enjoy Pre or Post Workout
• 100 g of Stacked Carbs
• Glycerol & Electrolytes
• Zero Fat


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