Protein = Latin translation, OF MOST IMPORTANCE.



Rich, creamy, and delicious, you’ll almost forget that you’re drinking a protein shake. But with 35 grams in every resealable aluminum bottle, trust us, you are. Like its big brother, Pure Pro shakes are made with the finest proteins, packed with branched chain amino acids, and are naturally light on fat and sugar. Those with smaller appetites and lower calorie needs will appreciate the 12 oz. serving size too. "The Original High-Protein Shake" is still one of the best.

  • Premium Protein
  • Muscle Recovery Support
  • Calcium For Bones
  • Diet Friendly
  • 35 g of Blended Proteins
  • Essential Amino Acids & BCAAs
  • 80% Daily Value of Calcium
  • Very Low Sugar & Fat

On sale now at MIDWAY FITNESS!



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